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Creating Cyber Resilience: Part 1 (Video)

A comparative guide of the security & safety of platforms used to deliver and receive music tuition online

This is a research-based guide into the suite of platforms and resources which enable online education to take place. It performs a sort of ‘background check’ by comparing the popularity, stability and standard security practices implemented by various social meeting platforms, websites and other supplementary resources which educators and students will typically be using in a modern online educational environment.

This workshop series aims to further support the creative community with relevant information, data and resources which can be used to ensure that both participants and providers of online music education in Scotland are safe, secure and ‘resilient’ within their digital practices.

Whilst these workshops contain ‘music-specific’ details, we encourage educators and participants of all backgrounds to attend in helping raise awareness and to gain their own sense cyber resilience.

The main questions which investigated in this workshop are:

Q: What are the most popular platforms and resources which music educators and participants use today?

Q: How safe are these platforms and resources for delivering and receiving music tuition online?

Q: What are the relevant safety protocols relating to cyber security and resilience for online music tuition?


Supported by the Scottish Government

Delivered by

Andrew Rae



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