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We Make Music Scotland is a programme led by the Music Education Partnership Group, a membership organisation and Scottish Charity SC050352.

We advocate for excellent music education in Scotland in all its forms, and bring together a wide range of partners, from young people and music teachers to schools and local authorities, universities and higher education, freelance music tutors, community music groups and other music organisations.

MEPG Strategy 2022–26

MEPG was set up to promote and celebrate the life-long benefits of a music education and to advocate that the transformative potential of music should be experienced by everyone in Scotland. 

Our 2022 strategic plan is a refresh of MEPG’s 2020-25 strategy. Many of the long-term aims are unaltered. The pandemic, COVID-19 recovery, and consequent uncertainties, however, have necessitated a refocus of priorities.

Read the MEPG Strategy 2022–26 to learn about our vision, mission and aims and how we will be achieving them over the next five years.

StAMP East Neuk Festival 2021

Board of Trustees

We have a board of 14 trustees from across the music education sector who bring a diverse range of expertise and experience.

MEPG Partner Organisations

MEPG brings together the diverse music teaching constituencies, formal, non-formal, informal, in the public and third sectors. 

Contact Us

For any enquiries or more information please contact us at

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,
100 Renfrew Street,
Glasgow G2 3DB

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