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Enriching living and enhancing learning through music education

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Thanks to our Crowdfunder Supporters

The We Make Music Instrument Libraries crowdfunder has raised over £5000, meaning we can make the Instrument Libraries a reality.

This brand new initiative will get musical instruments into public libraries across Scotland, so people will be able to borrow them for free, just like taking out a book! 

Thanks to everyone who supported the crowdfunder. You can still make a donation or gift an instrument. Any donation, big or small, makes a huge difference.

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Our Vision

Scotland as a place where the transformative potential of music is valued, nurtured, and experienced by all

Our Aims

To promote equity of access to music provision
To foster quality learning experiences
To improve perceptions of the value of music

Our Mission

To realise music’s potential to transform life chances

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What We Do

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Join the The Scottish Instrumental Music Teachers Network, which connects and supports the music teaching sector.


We Make Music Awards

We are developing some nationally recognised music awards for schools and young people as part of our 5 Year Strategy.

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We Make Music Libraries

The Instrument Libraries are a brand new initiative aiming to get musical instruments into public libraries across Scotland.


Scottish Young Musicians

Scottish Young Musicians is a festival of music competitions open to school students in Scotland who sings or plays an instrument.

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Research & Advocacy

We carry out research and advocate strongly for the best music education in Scotland in all its forms.

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Projects & Events

We run training for music educators, as well as other projects and events to help people discover the joy of learning and playing music.


Our Resource Bank is a collection of guides, video tutorials, talks, research an more to help you develop your music education practice

Join our mailing list

Every month we send out the latest news, events and opportunities for the music education sector in Scotland.

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