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MEPG Strategy 2022–26

The Music Education Partnership Group (MEPG) founded in 2015, is a network of music-based organisations with a Scottish focus. It was set up to promote and celebrate the life-long benefits of a music education and to advocate that the transformative potential of music should be experienced by everyone in Scotland. 

MEPG, as an independent charity, brings together the diverse music teaching constituencies, formal, nonformal, informal, in the public and third sectors. It aims to optimise the music education capacity of Scotland and to extend the benefits of making music to as many of Scotland’s people as want to learn.

Our 2022 strategic plan is a refresh of MEPG’s 2020-25 strategy “TACKLE inequity REALISE potential CHANGE perceptions”. Many of the long-term aims are unaltered. The pandemic, COVID-19 recovery, and consequent uncertainties, however, have necessitated a refocus of priorities.

Read the MEPG Strategy 2022–26 to learn about our vision, mission and aims and how we will be achieving them over the next five years.

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Our Vision

Scotland as a place where the transformative potential of music is valued, nurtured, and experienced by all

Our Aims

To promote equity of access to music provision
To foster quality learning experiences
To improve perceptions of the value of music

Our Mission

To realise music’s potential to transform life chances

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