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5 Year Strategy

This is our 5-year strategy informed by a research project we conducted on Music Education in Scotland, called “What’s Going On Now”.

Our Strategy for 2020-2025 has three core pillars:

– TACKLE inequity
– REALISE potential
– CHANGE perceptions

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Tackle Inequity

TACKLE inequity in access to music provision:
This aim supports and is interdependent with the other two aims. Through tackling inequity MEPG seeks to achieve a fairer, more equal situation across the diverse geography of a Scotland in which the many benefits of music education, including singing and playing a musical instrument are accessible to the young people who want it. To tackle inequity in access to instrumental music provision, the Music Education Partnership Group (MEPG) will gather data and information to understand and quantify where the black spots of inequity are. This includes inequity arising from social, economic, and geographic factors in addition to ASN (Additional Special Needs) perspectives. MEPG will use this information to inform the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) guidance to Local Authorities as to where there is a need for action. MEPG will seek to encourage and persuade those forming policy, working in government at both local and national levels, to embrace a schedule which will remove the tuition fees which are a major barrier to equity of opportunity over the lifetime of the next parliament.

Short-term Objective
Undertake analysis to understand and explain the multiple barriers to participation where inequity persists in relation to instrumental music tuition.
Undertake work with Scottish Government and COSLA to review the impact of the guidance to local authorities on instrumental music tuition in summer 2020, and consider whether revisions are necessary

Medium-term Objective
Work with SG and COSLA to determine what further work is needed to ensure equity of access to instrumental music tuition

Longer-term Objectives
Work with government national and local long term to remove tuition fees

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Realise Potential

REALISE potential through music in the school:
This aim supports and is interdependent with the other two aims. Through working in closer partnership between providers, schools and agencies such as Creative Scotland, MEPG will seek to bring a quality experience of singing and playing a musical instrument to more of Scotland’s young people. To realise the latent potentials of children and young people involved in music in Scotland’s schools, MEPG will work closely with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) within its partnership to design We Make Music to grow out of the Youth Music Initiative (YMI). This will enable every child and young person to have the chance to benefit from a sustained quality music education with pathways to the highest level and careers, and the opportunity to play at least one instrument and to sing and make music with others.

Short-term Objective
Meet with Scottish Government, Education Scotland and Creative Scotland to explore options for the development of We Make Music.
Work closely with the stakeholders, including RCS within its partnership, to develop a We Make Music proposal for ministerial consideration

Medium-term Objective
Build on the success of YMI through the creation and delivery of We Make Music

Longer-term Objectives
Assist and enhance the life-long well-being and creative potential of Scotland’s population through alignment of We Make Music with the other expressive arts and education opportunities in the community aligned to the new National Cultural Strategy

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Change Perceptions

CHANGE perceptions of music and its purpose:
This aim supports and is interdependent with the other two aims. Through changing perceptions of music and its purpose, MEPG seeks to bring greater public understanding of the value of a musical education both to the individual and to wider society. MEPG will work with its partners and other agencies to achieve incremental yet sustained step-by-step changes in the perceived value of the subject of music and those who teach it. The long-term aim is to transform public and parental understanding of the life-long benefits of music-making. This includes health and wellbeing. MEPG will work with GTCS (General Teaching Council Scotland) to gain registration for instrumental music teachers. Equality of status will enhance the perception of their value to children and young people’s education. MEPG will raise awareness of the positive career possibilities of music and the creative industries through MEPG ambassadors and careers events in partnership with the music sector.

Short-term Objectives
Achieve continued ministerial consideration and dialogue
Become an independent partnership with advisory status to the Scottish Government
Continue intensive work with GTC Scotland to achieve registration for instrumental music teachers

Medium-term Objectives
Form a wide MEPG ambassador network
Retain cross-party support for instrumental music education in the next parliament

Longer-term Objectives
Work with partners to create music sector careers events in Scotland
Work with partners to make Scotland’s National Music Day

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