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5 Year Strategy



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Tackle Inequity

TACKLE inequity in access to music provision:
This aim supports and is interdependent with the other two aims. Through tackling inequity MEPG seeks to achieve a fairer, more equal situation across the diverse geography of a Scotland in which the many benefits of music education, including singing and playing a musical instrument are accessible to the young people who want it. To tackle inequity in access to instrumental music provision, the Music Education Partnership Group (MEPG) will gather data and information to understand and quantify where the black spots of inequity are. This includes inequity arising from social, economic, and geographic factors in addition to ASN (Additional Special Needs) perspectives. MEPG will use this information to inform the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) guidance to Local Authorities as to where there is a need for action. MEPG will seek to encourage and persuade those forming policy, working in government at both local and national levels, to embrace a schedule which will remove the tuition fees which are a major barrier to equity of opportunity over the lifetime of the next parliament.

Short-term Objective
Undertake analysis to understand and explain the multiple barriers to participation where inequity persists in relation to instrumental music tuition.
Undertake work with Scottish Government and COSLA to review the impact of the guidance to local authorities on instrumental music tuition in summer 2020, and consider whether revisions are necessary

Medium-term Objective
Work with SG and COSLA to determine what further work is needed to ensure equity of access to instrumental music tuition

Longer-term Objectives
Work with government national and local long term to remove tuition fees

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