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Log this term’s data for Every Copy Counts by 6 Apr

The Schools Printed Music Licence is your licence to copy and arrange sheet music in school. It means you can photocopy sheet music for your classes, ensembles, choirs, bands and individual lessons. All you need to do is log your data and enter it on the portal.

Under the terms of the Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML), schools should submit data on what they are copying and arranging on an easy-to-access portal. This can be done on a termly basis, saving teachers time, the next copy deadline is Thursday 6th April.

Every Copy Counts is a campaign to raise awareness about the Schools Printed Music Licence and support schools in submitting their copy data. Teachers can access a range of information, guidance and resources to support them with meeting the terms of the licence, including termly drop in events to have questions answered. Visit our website at for further information.

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