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Nordoff and Robbins- Music Therapy Charity

Nordoff and Robbins are the UK’s largest music therapy charity. Nordoff and Robbins deliver music therapy sessions across the country which aim to help people of all ages and demographics to access the benefits of shared music-making with a qualified therapist. This can include promoting wellbeing, developing social and communication skills, and providing an outlet for creative and emotional expression – always bespoke to the individual. As well as our therapy sessions, they also offer accessible music learning sessions online. Nordoff and Robbins have a research department, investigating music-making and its potential to inform how we can support clients and people in challenging situations. They also have an education and training department, which not only trains music therapists to Masters level but also offers short courses and skill-sharing workshops for those interested in learning more about music therapy and/or developing skills to use music interactively with people they support.
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