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Spotlight On… Playlist for Life

Playlist for Life is a national music and dementia charity based in Glasgow. The charity harnesses the powerful effects of personally meaningful music to help anyone who is affected by dementia, their families and carers. Over two decades of scientific research has shown that listening to a personalised playlist can improve the lives of those living with dementia. Personalised playlists can: reduce anxiety, improve your mood, make difficult tasks more manageable, strengthen relationships and even lead to a reduction in medication in some instances.

Resource Packs

See also: Music and Health/Neurodiversity, participatory.

This downloadable resource pack is available direct from the Playlist for Life Website, and allows anybody to start building the soundtrack of their life. The resource pack helps people living with dementia and their friends, family members and carers to construct a playlist of songs that are meaningful to them, using a series of prompts or conversation starters., The prompts look for specific pieces of music from age 10-30, childhood memories, party tunes, special moments, milestones, hobbies, interests, beliefs,holidays, important places, TV themes, important people and concerts attended. The resource pack is intended to involve friends and family members in the process, and to share these memories through music.

Organisations who work with people and families living with dementia can also be sent a box containing printed copies of some of the resources in the digi-pack. Each box contains 50 copies of our Getting Started leaflet

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See also: Music and Health/Neurodiversity, participatory, CPD

In the past six years Playlist for Life have trained over 7,000 health and care professionals. They also offer considerable training and webinar opportunities for people living with dementia, friends, family members, educators, students and employers. Their training is intended to give the knowledge and skills needed to use playlists effectively, and to inspire participants with real-life case studies showing the powerful benefits music brings.

Training options include the following options:

  • Certified Course for care homes and NHS dementia units (£20)
  • Introduction to Playlists. (£50)
  • Playlist for Professionals. (Free)
  • Playlist for Students
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ for larger organisations
  • Free introductory webinar for healthcare professionals.

Take a look at the range of courses we offer by visiting Playlist for Life’s dedicated training site.

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How to get involved

If you want to get involved with Playlist for Life, sign up for training, or find out more at-


Playlist for Life
Suite 419,
The Pentagon Centre,
36 Washington St,
G3 8AZ

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