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Spotlight On… Givin’ it Laldie

Givin’ it Laldie is a grassroots, community music charity based in the Gorbals, Glasgow. Givin’ it Laldie bring people in the Gorbals from diverse economic, social, religious, cultural, health and age backgrounds together through group music making to build understanding, community and connections between people, and improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Their Youth Music and Adult music groups run during the school term times.
All Givin’ it Laldie music sessions are FREE and are open to everyone – no auditions, no experience and no ability to read music are required.

Givin’ it Laldie is made up of a small staff team supported by freelance musicians, youth workers and volunteers. Everyone who works with Givin’ it Laldie is experienced in creating community with a passion for working with music to improve wellbeing and bring people together.


G5 Kids Choir

See also: Primary, Choral, Voice, Rock and Pop, Participatory, Creative Learning, ensemble.

The G5 Kids Choir brings local kids from St. Francis’ and Blackfriars Primary School together to sing, make friends and have fun. They also take part in performances throughout the year and make YouTube videos. If you are p5 – p7 in either of these schools Givin’ it Laldie would love to hear from you.


Youth Guitar Group

See also: Primary, Secondary lifelong learning, Rock and Pop, Participatory, Creative Learning, ASN, online.

G5 Guitar Kids have two sessions for young people to learn guitar together. There is a class for young people who are just beginning and another one for those who have been playing for a little while. Both are run on Wednesday afternoons after school

Please contact the Youth Music lead – Marix Leahy –  to find out more:



See also: Primary, Secondary, digital technology, hip-hop, rap, electronic, Rock and Pop, Participatory, music production, songwriting, creative Learning.

On Thursday evenings, Givin’ it Laldie run TuneRoom for young people aged 10 – 16 living in the Gorbals, Glasgow. It’s a creative, supportive and exciting space for young people to follow their passion for music, explore new ways of being musical and deepen their understanding of their creative selves. Young people learn how to create, perform, record and publish their own music (covers or originals). Participants learn the basics of music theory, music production, keyboard skills and composition with the options of learning instruments such as guitar, bass, or piano. Through this, they work individually or in bands towards a final outcome decided by the group. This could be a performance, group EP and/or a series of individual releases.

Please contact the Youth Music lead – Marix Leahy –  to find out more:


Strum for Life

See also: Lifelong learning, Rock and Pop, Participatory, Creative Learning, Ensemble, instrumental specialism.

Strum for Life is Givin’ it Laldie’s community guitar class for all ages and stages, from complete beginners to experienced players. Guitars are provided (or you can bring your own) and the classes are based around learning to play favourite songs together (no matter what level you are).


Sing for Life

See also: See also: Lifelong learning, Rock and Pop, Participatory, Creative Learning, Ensemble, Voice, vocal/choral, online

Sing for Life is a daytime singing session which currently takes place on Wednesdays, 13:30 pm to 15:00 at Gorbals Parish Church. This is a welcoming, friendly and laid back group suitable for anyone who would enjoy a gentle, uplifting session. No previous music experience is necessary and you don’t need to have sang before. 

If you would like to find out more get in touch with Chani Bond – laldiecommunity@gmail.com0141 280 0053 


Creative Ageing

See also: See also: Lifelong learning, Rock and Pop, Participatory, Creative Learning, Health and Wellbeing, ASN.

Givin it Laldie works to develop community and connection in the older generation across the Gorbals. Creative Ageing’s main area of work is with tenants living in sheltered housing accommodation and people living with dementia. This programme takes a person-centered approach to provide connection and meaningful engagement. If you want to find out more, contact the Creative Ageing lead – Michelle Burke –

How to get involved

If you want to get involved with Givin’ it Laldie you can find out more on our website:

Alternative Email:

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