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Spotlight On… Ensemble

Ensemble is an award-winning music making project that empowers young people who would not normally have the chance to make music, particularly those who face challenges with mental health, homelessness or through seeking asylum. Ensemble was developed in partnership with Wheatley care and funded by Creative Scotland, recognising the transformative power that songwriting, recording and live performance have. All participants are supported by professional musicians, so no previous musical experience or ability is required, and there is no expectation of anyone to perform, sing or play instruments when they do take part. Ensemble also supports young people to transfer the skills and confidence gained to the rest of their lives, linking young people into volunteering opportunities, further music lessons, college courses and other music projects.

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Songwriting workshops

Ensemble’s songwriting workshops are facilitated by a roster of musicians and artists that have included Donna Maciocia, Jo Mango, Clare McBrien, Zoe Graham, Jonnie Common, Djana Gabrielle, Jill O’Sullivan, Ross Clark, Lucy Cathcart Froden, Jamie Scott, Michael Timmons, Goodnight Louisa, and Martha Ffion. The workshops provide a safe space for participants to create lyrical and musical work, often with a specific thematic focus or stimulus, and often around the experiences of mental health, asylum seeking and homelessness. The workshops are intended to work for all musical abilities, and allow participants to take part in the way that works best for them, with the support of the musicians, Wheatley Care staff, and volunteers.



Recordings are often created in the songwriting workshops using mobile recording solutions and Digital Audio Workstations, and in previous years Ensemble has also taken participants into professional recording studios to record their work. The debut album ‘No Place Like it’ was released in 2021. The collection of songs received widespread critical acclaim and can be found here:


Live work

Ensemble also hosts live showcases of their work, again with participants being supported by experienced, professional musicians. The most recent performance took place following a block of songwriting in February 2023.

How to get involved

If participation in Ensemble appeals to you, or you would be interested in volunteering to help with delivery, get in touch:


Wheatley House
25 Cochrane Street
G1 1HL

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