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Spotlight On… DMC

Dumfries Music Collective is an independent, not for profit, Community Interest Company that was founded in 2016. DMC aim to provide opportunities for young people in the south west of Scotland to become independent performers, promoters and beyond, and help them to engage with the Scottish music industries. DMC approach this by programming educational events and a diverse range of talks and workshops, while also focusing on showcasing emerging talent in live performances in local venues in and around Dumfries. DMC have also built an impressive range of online resources for emerging artists.

Annual Conference

DMC hosts the annual Dumfries Music Conference, which is a three-day event, featuring film, discussion, workshops, Q&As, live music and exhibition. Since DMC launched in 2012 they have aimed to give the Dumfries & Galloway music scene a voice on a national level, by establishing a strong network of partners and friends from organisations that span the music industry in Scotland and beyond. The Dumfries Music Conference is a vital component in that. DMC programmes contemporary practitioners and experts to discuss the most important topics in music, running in parallel with engaging online workshops, live music and art. Now running year round, events range from reasonably priced, to completely free.

Southwest SoundClash. Photo by Kirsten McEwan Photography
Southwest SoundClash. Photo by Kirsten McEwan Photography

The Plaza

Acting on their own independent research, DMC found ‘music venue provision’ to be the number one priority for the development and fruition of local bands and solo artists. In an act of re-imagining what the music venue is and can be, The Plaza has been established as a peripatetic, or ‘roving’ music venue. The Plaza, which takes its name from a former dancehall and concert venue on Dumfries High Street, takes over underutilised spaces, not normally used for live music performance, and showcases local talent. Every few months, the Plaza seeks out unusual, empty, abandoned or even wild spaces, to find the places where music could, and should, live.

DMC and The Plaza facilitates a greater understanding of the contribution live music makes to the local economy, and how a ‘DIY’ ethos can lead to the creative community flourishing. The Plaza affords DMC the opportunity to encourage, support and develop careers aside from music-making in photography, film, event management, programming and installation.

The Plaza and DMC have also constructed an online Toolkit for live music promotion, which provides an invaluable resource for anyone looking to promote a DIY show.

DMC. Photo by Kirsten McEwan Photography
DMC. Photo by Kirsten McEwan Photography


Dripfeed is a new digital video library from DMC and funded by DG Unlimited, as part of their Regional Arts Fund.

Dripfeed features 30 short videos presented by contemporary music industry practitioners, curating an insightful series of e-learning sessions. Dripfeed aims to inspire and develop independent creative skillsets in young people, offering advice and insight on a range of topics and discuss concepts and contemporary issues within several different fields in the music and creative industries. 

Videos cover topics such as music photography and videography, DIY shows, staying creative in a rural area, music publishing, song writing tips and the importance of lyrics. The video library is part of DMC’s shift from an annual conference to year-round programming and support activity.

DMC Sessions. Photo by Kirsten McEwan Photography
DMC Sessions. Photo by Kirsten McEwan Photography

How to get involved

If you want to get involved with DMC, get in touch:


Dumfries Music Collective
The Workspace
107 Irish Street,
Dumfries, DG1 2NP

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