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Spotlight On… Ama-zing Harmonies

Ama-zing Harmonies is a community singing group in North West Edinburgh founded in March 2017 by Ama Shallangwa. Our aim is to work in the community to enrich cultural understanding and inclusiveness by uniting people together with music and cultural activities. Through our activities we encourage networking and communal integration to break isolation and celebrate our diversity as well as what we have in common.

Singing is a fantastic way to spread happiness and improve mental health and well-being. A sense of belonging is important for all: Ama-zing Harmonies engages the youth with music activities to boost their confidence and bring out their natural talents, whilst also promoting community development by helping people to get to know each other, increasing social cohesion and participation.


Music Education

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Having creative opportunities and music education are important for youth development. For the past few years Ama-zing Harmonies have partnered with the Tinderbox Project to provide instrumental education projects to youth in the North-West of Edinburgh. This involves running music workshops, providing students with access to instruments, and free music lessons.

Spotlight On… Ama-zing Harmonies


See also: Participatory, Creative Learning, community, audiences.

Ama-zing Harmonies is a diverse group that seeks to promote tolerance and inclusion in the community. In addition to their music programmes, Ama-zing Harmonies facilitate cultural celebrations and workshops to bring awareness to specific groups in the community.

With the support of the Edinburgh Council, Robertson Trust, and the national lottery, Ama-zing Harmonies have hosted workshops, demonstrations, and activities to help learn more about the people who make up local communities. The idea behind these is to celebrate people’s heritage and promote tolerance, understanding, inclusion, and diversity in Edinburgh.

Despite being interrupted by the pandemic, Ama-zing Harmonies have so far celebrated Ethiopean, Nigerian Igbo, Haitian, Fijian, and Polish cultures.


Community Building and Health

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In addition to music projects, Ama-zing Harmonies have also led a Transition To Confidence Project to help support young people and adults who suffer from anxiety and isolation. The primary goal was for learners to value themselves for who they are, and strive to make decisions and plan for their own future. Key concepts were: Confidence, owning your identity, and understanding peer pressure.


The Choir

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The Ama-zing Harmonies Choir is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome. It provides the community with support networks and musical outlets, as well as building social connections- coming together for culture awareness, songs and fun. Ama-zing Harmonies are aiming to offer more creative opportunities to the adults in the North-West of Edinburgh as well as community singing, quiz nights, karaoke, and other music events/projects. These opportunities will allow us to help everyone in the community not only find creative opportunities but also the support they need.

Community Cookbook

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As part of the community building, Ama-zing Harmonies have asked participants to submit recipes that encapsulate who they are, capturing adiverse range of cultural heritage. Some of these recipes are available online.


How to get involved

If you want to get involved with Ama-zing Harmonies, you can find out more at-


Ama-zing Harmonies,
West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre

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