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We Make Music Digital

The We Make Music Digital Award had its successful pilot this year! We have been delivering this new award in partnership with MEPG, and we’re excited to share some exciting information about the award!

We Make Music Digital has been achieved by 15 schools in Scotland and by 500+ young people by using Sonappa.

We have conducted lessons and collected feedback during this pilot. The response from students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. Young people are loving access to music making during the average primary school day, and teachers have enjoyed the ease of access and the ability to teach music without specialised knowledge.


During the pilot we have been looking closely at the effect that music technology lessons can have on primary school students and teachers. We thought we’d send you a breakdown of our discoveries that have come from analytics on the Sonappa resource, surveys from participating teachers, and interviews with students and school staff.

Our data shows nearly 1000 uses of the video resources during the 9 month pilot – which were used to either deliver music lessons for children in schools, or conduct professional development for teachers. Our average suggested lesson time is about 1 hour, which means that Sonappa has resulted in approx 900 hours of music taking place in primary schools in Scotland this year during the pilot. The data sheet for these statistics is attached to this email.

We have also surveyed teachers taking part in the pilot. Sonappa’s mission is to put music lessons in the hands of teachers with minimal preparation and zero required expertise, and over 85% of teachers agreed/strongly agreed that Sonappa made it easier to deliver a music lesson, and 90% agreed/strongly agreed that Sonappa resulted in more music lessons taking place in their classroom and school.  

They also said young people enjoyed using Sonappa, and progressed their musical learning as a result, making it more likely for a student to choose a musical subject when transitioning to secondary school.

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